September 2, 2017

general information

The conference takes place from Thursday 27th September to Saturday 29th September 2018 with the ECAWBM-Welfare study day on Wednesday 26th September and the ECAWBM-Behaviour study day  and the ESVCE workshop on Sunday, 30th September.

Wednesday 26th September

ECAWBM Animal Welfare Science Ethics and Law (AWSEL) study day

Thursday, 27th September

Presentations on Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
OGM of AWSELVA over lunchtime
Welcome reception in the evening

Friday, 28th September

morning: joint session Behaviour Medicine and Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
after lunch: two parallel tracks:
– Presentations on Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
– Presentations on Behaviour Medicine
AGM of ECAWBM over lunchtime
AGM of ESVCE early evening right after the presentations
Social dinner in the evening

Invited speaker Cathy Dwyer –  learn more about her                                   Invited speaker Nadja Affenzeller –  learn more about her

Saturday, 29th September

Presentations on Behaviour Medicine
AGM of GTVMT over lunchtime

You can register individually for one, two or three days of conference and/or the study days.

Sunday, 30th September

ECAWBM Behavioural Medicine (BM) study day
ESVCE workshop: TAGteach with Bina Lunzer










Social program:
Apart from the welcome reception and the social dinner, the organizers will not provide a social program but leave it to the delegates to spend their leisure time in Berlin. Berlin offers a wide variety of places to see and enjoy. From history, palaces, parks, gardens, UNESCO world heritage sites, museums, music from opera to rock, and theatre.

You get a wide overview of what the city holds ready for you on